July 2, 2019


School plays an important role in every child life, learning ABC's and 123’s is not a big thing but learning problematic skills and problem-solving helps in developing further, education forms the foundation of any society its responsible for social and economic growth.
Every child has three stages in school life as an 
Unmatured and
the starter also providing digital classes with practical things gives student more knowledge with this language skills also more important like English, Hindi and Telugu with speaking and writing practice makes the student perfect working hard and extra activities like playing sports and learning make the student as allrounder as well as the school provides a formal and

structured education and provides child mental and physical growth A child also learns other important life skills such as diabetes, group discussions and way of respecting other in a good manner and children learns various things by studying many subjects in school and helps there personalities by providing them opportunities to take part in various activities and making other things Schools are the one which increases the confidence levels and their skills to accept their upcoming problems and finding the solutions, School is one of the best gift given by parents.